Q: Is there a minimum order requirement?

One container would be good enough. If you want to order less than one container, please contact us and we will help you work out the logistics .
Wish you have a nice time in UNION FIREWORKS!!

Q: What shall I do if I haven’t imported fireworks before?

You can get along with our partners in shipping and custom clearing, and we will help you get through the paperwork and logistics. Just make your order.

Q: We want to visit your factories, then how shall we apply for & handle it?

According to your intention, we"ll send out an invitation to you. You may handle the visas in Chinese Embassy in your country with our invitation after arrival in China, you"ll receive our warm welcome, enjoy our excellent service, visit our factories.

Q: What kind of price term do you offer? How about payment?

A: We offer FOB terms, CIF terms, C&F terms. This is up to your choice. In FOB terms, we need the information of shipper and your confirmation of shipment. We can also help you book the container under the FOB terms. In CIF & C&F terms, we need your destination port or place information for our shipment and delivery. About the payment, we accept irrevocable confirmed L/C at sight; sometimes we also accept the document against payment by advanced payment, and some other ones as negotiation.

Q: What do the numbers mean in the " Measurement" column on the products catalog? For example: 6/12/12.

It shows how many pieces of individual items are there in a case.6/12/12 means 6X12X12=864 pieces per case.

Q: How many cartons of fireworks can be shipped in a 20-foot container?

It"s decided by the measurement of the carton of your ordered fireworks. Some cartons are a little smaller, like firecrackers. For a middle-sized carton, you can ship about 600 cartons of fireworks. But you have to consider the weight limit of the container. For example, a 40-foot container may be loaded for 1800 cartons of firecrackers, it doesn"t mean you can ship it, for it may be overloaded for the 40-foot container in weight.

Q: What’s the advantage to "UNION FIREWORKS" ?

Competitive price- directly import fireworks from manufacturer, Your Chinese Agency supplier.
Proper delivery time- We not only produce fireworks by ourselves but also cooperate with more than one bundred factories in the form of contracts. That assures the delivery time of the goods to our customers.
High quality- professional QC to control the quality.
Attentive service-We have your private service manager according to your market according to your requirements. We have established trade relations with over 20 countries and areas all over the world. UNION FIREWORKS will bring you happiness and great fun

Prepare filling

    1, to determine the scope of the job security alert during installation , and set up the cordon and obvious signs, fireworks during construction to ensure that the installation is nothing more than the staff to enter the construction site.
    2 , temporary storage point in the product , with a good fire buckets and dry powder fire extinguishers.
    3 , construction workers should be put into the scene overalls, wearing a helmet, wear a good job card.

Check the product out of the box

    1 , outside the box in front of the box carefully check the serial number , shell size and discharge points are marked with a serial number and barrel barrel specifications match.
    2 , Shell damp, launch package leak drugs or cracking, shall not be filled , so as not to bore the discharge occurs when deep-fried , deep-fried low .

Product release

    1 , issuing the discharge of the product should seriously registration and orderly release . To control the amount distributed per capita payment can not be more than one box , a box filled with completed before collection.
    2 , carrying shell bottom with both hands hold the box to prevent the box missed the end , to gently not throw throw, evading , drop , impact .

Shell filling

    1, the shell should be a tube filled with a bomb, not a bomb or repeated multi- tube filled shells .
    2 , when the staff to be filled again shell , it was discovered the product mildew, there is a floating medicine , deformation , layered blistering, cracking kit launch , missing drugs, lead and launch the missile body kits and other binding is not strong quality defects should be filled to surrender cleared keeper .
    3, filling shell, must follow the requirements of the design layout , carefully check the product grouping, number, size , name is consistent with the barrel marked .
    4, with Tisheng the sphere ( non pulling fast cited FireWire ) will shell the ball up, launch kits down gently into the bottom of the corresponding specifications of the launch tube , filled to ensure product specifications and installation specifications barrel consistent , and check cards or cartridges cylinder gap is too large.
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